When the cargo load exceeds certain limits, it is called oversized cargo, oversized cargo or heavy cargo. Transportation of oversized cargo requires specialized logistics as it requires special equipment and careful pre-planning as oversized cargo

We have at our disposal the necessary equipment and transport for the transportation of large and oversized cargo. Our team has a separate part of the team that works on such cargoes. This direction of cargo transportation is one of the main directions in our activity.



Refrigerated transport is a method of transporting goods with specially designed, temperature-controlled trucks. Transport trucks have a built-in refrigeration system that cools the cargo to a controlled temperature throughout the entire delivery process.

Refrigerated transport is a way of transporting goods by specially designed trucks with the ability to adjust the temperature and maintain it in the desired range. Transport trucks have a built-in refrigeration system that cools the cargo to the right temperature throughout the entire delivery process. Trucks are mainly used to transport perishable products such as meat products, fruits, vegetables and pharmaceutical products, etc.



One of the main and fundamental advantages of WALKING FLOOR trailers is their versatility.  The trailer can carry up to 24.5 tons of cargo, its capacity is up to 92 m². This type of transport is best suited for transporting bulk goods without pallets, as it avoids additional packaging. Loading and unloading of bulk products is carried out extremely quickly – it takes up to 30 minutes, it is worth noting another plus of this type of transport – no additional equipment is required.

We have 5- and 6-axle tractors in our fleet, which allows us to fulfill orders in Europe and Scandinavia. The portrait and projects of our clients are different: сompanies for the processing of raw materials and waste, shippers of raw materials, mills, farmers, distribution of raw materials and waste from ports to recipients and metallurgy.



Our company also offers escort services for the transportation of oversized and large cargo. In our fleet there is the right number of cars suitable for this type of service.

When ordering transport and logistics services from our company, you can be sure that additional services and cargo handling will be offered and you will not need to look for the service you need in another company.

We are glad when our customers can order all the necessary services related to the transport of goods in our company, this saves the client time, as well as efforts to carry out the transportation of goods.

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